Crazy Tuesday Night 


 [This is part of Gorilla Marketing]


Tuesday is a notoriously slow day for most restaurants (there is a change since we now have Tuesday football night. A different night might be a choosing in your neck of the woods.) This crazy night night be an opportunity for your establishment to pick up extra business. How could you get people to come to you when they prefer to stay home and watch TV?

You have to be outrageous, it might not be for everyone but if it is down your alley you might clean up and become where to go on Monday night. According to your location you might have to change Monday to another night, although you have Tuesday and Thursday night football nights, if you do something special on those nights for the football fans, you might have to scrap the whole thing.

We assume that Tuesday is a slow night and you want to promote the night as the weirdest of the all.

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