How to Succeed in Marketing Your Restaurant


To Start Let’s Define Marketing

Marketing is a set of tools to promote your BRAND.

Your Brand is the perception created in your customers mind when they refer to your restaurant.

For instance: In our course and all promotional tidbits Joe’s Café is our example.

Joe’s Café is a Mom and Pop operation. Joe is the chef and works the kitchen, with more than 15 years of chef’s experience. Maud his wife worked as a hairdresser for more than 10 years. During her gig as a hairdresser she learned how to cope with customers. Maud developed a keen sense of customer-relationship, a major plus for their own venture in the Hospitality Industry. Continue reading

What is Guerrilla Marketing


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What is Guerilla Marketing?

marketing one’s business in unconventional ways with a low budget.

Guerrilla Marketing is different from traditional marketing. It means going after profits vs. sales and growth with unconventional ways.


Enticing guests to spend more than they usually would in a down economy.

You invest time and your savvy acquired restaurant business, over spending money on regular advertising. The goal is to turn to unusual ways and imagination to reach your potential guests without hacking the farm. Excellent knowledge of your business is a must. Your main yardstick will be profit, over sales. Increasing more transactions per year with each customer, and using the referral power of current customers will be key of your campaigns. The use of simple but very powerful  tools will be the center of your Guerrilla Marketing Program. Continue reading