Restaurant Manual

I have been working for sometime on this manual. Available in June 2019. A complete Manual with your dream in focus, your concept, then >>> the negotiations of the lease. Hiring, Training of the staff, Design, Purchase of the equipment, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Implementation, and much more (++++)

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Customers are only loyal to restaurants who care.Three out of four consumers turn to an online review site when they’re looking for a place to eat. The most likely place to end up with their business, is the one most attractive in those 5 venues: Price, Decor, Service, Location, Great Parking facilities.

Your brand will shine if you maintain an up to date database of your guests and stay constantly in front of them. Those are the most effective ways to tip the decision in your favor.

Get engaged, do not leave anything to chance. Marketing your restaurant is a constant chore. Yelp can help but it is not the only thing. “Post photos, and respond to reviews. It doesn’t cost you anything, so why not do it?”

Best is to respond immediately to guests reviews. If positive, send a message with a thank you note. If negative, acknowledge the snafu and offer to resolve the problem ASAP.

Make sure your web site is warm and easy to navigate. A loyalty program will certainly help.

Decor and atmosphere are high on the list. Service is everything. Good luck!

1 The Concept might not be what the neighborhood needs

No clear idea of what their restaurant stand for. What’s your USP?

A USP (Unique Selling Proposition), what differentiate your restaurant from the competition?

2 No Business Plan

I have every number in my head, I don’t need a BP

This is the main factor, the head of the owner(s) for failure. Continue reading

Do not Drink California Wines

Rowan Jacobsen in his book “American Terroir,” insist that wine has no other function but to dance on a pole to entertain and please all of us. In other words what you drink might not be a spontaneous creation of nature as the label might want to suggest.

Could it have been altered in any way? The wine growers could change nature? No way those growers are honest folks who want to deliver a sane and honest product…, Ouch! I might have touched a weak spot.  Continue reading


Here are 6 ideas, for sexual harassment training:

  1. The team member handbook needs to have a special chapter on sexual harassment. The main title has to be: “A zero-tolerance policy in place against harassment and discrimination.”

  2. Make it a topic to discuss on orientation day.

  1. Ensure a go through in-depth training on the staff’s first day of training. Show how to prevent it, recognize it, show the steps to report and investigate a complaint and show what the disciplinary process is. (In California, all restaurant managers must complete a two-hour sexual harassment course every two years.)

  2. Ensure non-management team members complete an e-learning course or view a video regarding harassment during their orientation. E-learning and video content should be available on the restaurant website for all to see.

  3. Ensure all team members understand what we call the Yme. Give them the “why” behind why this type of behavior is wrong and the effects it can have on people. Sexual harassment is part of bullying.

  4. Establish a hotline or a specific email address to report any issue.

A Few Secrets To Create a Stellar Experience to Your Guests


With consumers increasingly choosing to purchase prepared foods from grocery stores, cook at home with meal kits or order takeout/delivery, offering a world-class experience is key, to attract and retain dine-in customers.

But beyond a winning menu and agreeable prices, how can operators ensure they’re offering a memorable experience with top-notch service for guests? Focusing on hospitality and maximizing the guest experience can be a key point of differentiation—and a way to keep guests coming back.

Without a comprehensive and sustainable training program for your staff, it will be much more challenging to keep customers away from the popularity of ready to eat food from markets such as Wholefood , Vons and Ralph’s. Continue reading

How to be a Great Bartender

First job: Start as a Back Bar; practice will do you good. Knowing how to make drinks, isn’t necessary, anybody can learn how to make drinks, you can learn on the job.


I have a better idea, let’s add some vodka to your apple. I even have a name for it, let’s call it: Appletini.

To shine you need the following skills:

Charm, empathy, exceptional memory, gaining the trust of others, good listening skills, hospitality, making people laugh, reading people, self-defense, quick humor, great taste buds, Not 100% necessary: Complete knowledge of every sport will help in many bars. A bartender is a friend, becomes a family member a confident.

You can’t learn those skills and talents. Without those basics tools if it’s not in your personality, choose a different career.

In all of my 40 plus years as a restaurant owner, the best bartender I ever hired didn’t know how to make drinks on his first day on the job. His personality was so amazing, he was filling my 25 bar-stools 3 deep all week long.

How To Be Number 1 in Three Steps

Large brands started small, as they grew they send more and more communication to their potential market and became wold known.

Your 3-miles radius from your establishment is your zone of influence. They receive your postcards with your offer, if they see it so many times they eventually will come. Repetition is the new word-of-mouth in our electronic age. When they come, its up to you to keep them coming back with your Great Food at a fair price, Stellar Service and an Atmosphere where they feel Welcomed.

Constantly work on those three ingredients, and add communication to become the number one restaurant of your community.

Food Pictures

To show what you have to offer with a picture is great. Don’t forget: A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

If the picture is trash, it ain’t no good for you.  John Tesar of Knife in Dallas dropped a bomb with this dry-aged patty melt. It was simple, but incredible.  Look at the picture of their prized sandwich who would ever want to eat that stuff? Look at the dish how disgusting it looks.

Disgusting Sandwich

This is an example of how never to take a picture of food.

Picture lifted from Zagat

Chipolte Envy

An aberration to common business sense, Chipolte Envy doesn’t work for every body, it certainly doesn’t for a pizza joint. Several outfits have tried it with more or less success; less being prominent.

At a wanna be Chipolte, Midici in Sherman Oaks, people are lined up to the street waiting to place their orders, instead of being seated and enjoy a glass of wine. The manager thinks of getting a full liquor license to boost the business, to the contrary of common thinking––There are too many sport-bars in Sherman Oaks already. People do not go to a pizza joint to drink, the only help they should pursue is to convert to a classic pizza joint.

They have achieved a great improvement of late––It took them 2 and a 1/2 year to learn how to cook a pizza from soggy to acceptable, and not to burn the edges. Congrats!

I have a tip, don’t place the basil leaves on top of the pizza before placing the pizza in the oven, place it after the pizza is cooked this way you woud not get burnt basil leaves, Dah!

Marketing Rules for any Independent Restaurateurs

I'd love to learn how to fly.


1 Never invest in a program you do not agree 100%

2 Understand fully rule # 1

3 Throwing any shit against the wall and expecting it to stick is dumb

4 Understand your Marketing Plan thoroughly

5 Establish a sustainable campaign with check points on your progress

6 Correct any flaw and adjust the campaign to its best possible outcome

7 Use all gathered data of previous campaign to optimize your second campaign

8 Keep on Marketing Your Restaurant. The day you *STOP you sign your death certificate. Continue reading

Gorilla Marketing

The only place to eat

Gorilla Marketing is the epitome of the creative mind over the power of the mighty dollar. In this article, we will emphasize out of the box ways to create a Brand, and a *Culture to boost your restaurant on top of your zone of influence.

Here are the steps:

1 Recognize who are those people living in your zone of influence: A 3 miles radius (this is the only zone of influence, you have. People don’t travel more than 3 miles to go out for dinner) from your location.

2 Focus on the makeup of your potential guests (baby boomers, millenniums. According to people’s income?) Remember nobody can please everybody, this is why you have to make a survey to find out who will appreciate your establishment.

3 Establish a sustainable Marketing Plan for your budget.

You do not need a large budget to market your restaurant, you just need to be consistent. You might start as low as $500 a month. Most independents only have few ways to design a Marketing Plan. Direct Marketing, flyers, direct phone calls, collecting guests data, and keeping in touch through emails. Social media is good to a point since you reach the world and the world is not going to come to you. Your website is very important, but it cannot be a dead site like 99.99% of restaurants websites. Continue reading


Rosser Reeves a pioneer in television advertising pointed out that to work, advertising had, to be honest. The product being sold had to be superior, no amount of advertising could move inferior goods. Advertising is not able to create demand where it did not exist. e.g.: If you try to sell hamburgers right across from a McDonald it might not work. To promote inferior products would only increase the number of people dissatisfied with the restaurant. To be effective with flawed products will accelerate the destruction of the BRAND. It’s a waste of money to claim uniqueness if it doesn’t exist. This is important because fortunes are made from repeat business. The money would be better spent building a meaningful advantage into one or several food items or even specialty drinks before launching a costly advertising campaign for your promotion. Continue reading

A seasoned restaurateur just opened a new restaurant, unfortunately it’s a disaster, Why?

The premises: This fellow has opened several restaurants in the Los Angeles area. His last operation was in business for more than 30 years and very successful it closed for following reasons:

Lease was coming to an end, the landlord as usual was very greedy and came up with  an imposible lease. The health department closed the place for vermin infection [not a very good medal to add to the restaurateur’s blazon.]

Although a very knowledgable restaurateur he made the same mistakes as a newbie will do. Continue reading

The Ten Commandments to Purchase an Existing Restaurant

I recommend chicken soup

I recommend chicken soup

Is this a good business? Follow those ten rules by which you have to abide with to find out.

The 10 Commandments:

Commandment #1 – Purchase the Past, Assume The Present, Buy For The Future!

  • The past financials help determine the purchase price but, they will give you a guarantee of the future income.
  • The future is up to you. You must evaluate the business for what you will be able to do with it.

Continue reading