Customers are only loyal to restaurants who care.Three out of four consumers turn to an online review site when they’re looking for a place to eat. The most likely place to end up with their business, is the one most attractive in those 5 venues: Price, Decor, Service, Location, Great Parking facilities.

Your brand will shine if you maintain an up to date database of your guests and stay constantly in front of them. Those are the most effective ways to tip the decision in your favor.

Get engaged, do not leave anything to chance. Marketing your restaurant is a constant chore. Yelp can help but it is not the only thing. “Post photos, and respond to reviews. It doesn’t cost you anything, so why not do it?”

Best is to respond immediately to guests reviews. If positive, send a message with a thank you note. If negative, acknowledge the snafu and offer to resolve the problem ASAP.

Make sure your web site is warm and easy to navigate. A loyalty program will certainly help.

Decor and atmosphere are high on the list. Service is everything. Good luck!

1 The Concept might not be what the neighborhood needs

No clear idea of what their restaurant stand for. What’s your USP?

A USP (Unique Selling Proposition), what differentiate your restaurant from the competition?

2 No Business Plan

I have every number in my head, I don’t need a BP

This is the main factor, the head of the owner(s) for failure. Continue reading