Here are 6 ideas, for sexual harassment training:

  1. The team member handbook needs to have a special chapter on sexual harassment. The main title has to be: “A zero-tolerance policy in place against harassment and discrimination.”

  2. Make it a topic to discuss on orientation day.

  1. Ensure a go through in-depth training on the staff’s first day of training. Show how to prevent it, recognize it, show the steps to report and investigate a complaint and show what the disciplinary process is. (In California, all restaurant managers must complete a two-hour sexual harassment course every two years.)

  2. Ensure non-management team members complete an e-learning course or view a video regarding harassment during their orientation. E-learning and video content should be available on the restaurant website for all to see.

  3. Ensure all team members understand what we call the Yme. Give them the “why” behind why this type of behavior is wrong and the effects it can have on people. Sexual harassment is part of bullying.

  4. Establish a hotline or a specific email address to report any issue.

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