A Few Secrets To Create a Stellar Experience to Your Guests


With consumers increasingly choosing to purchase prepared foods from grocery stores, cook at home with meal kits or order takeout/delivery, offering a world-class experience is key, to attract and retain dine-in customers.

But beyond a winning menu and agreeable prices, how can operators ensure they’re offering a memorable experience with top-notch service for guests? Focusing on hospitality and maximizing the guest experience can be a key point of differentiation—and a way to keep guests coming back.

Without a comprehensive and sustainable training program for your staff, it will be much more challenging to keep customers away from the popularity of ready to eat food from markets such as Wholefood , Vons and Ralph’s.

Restaurants have to concentrate on giving a stellar experience to their guests.

What is a stellar experience?

People go out for dinner and enjoy a night out, to change their daily pace, to see people, being recognized by attending places who offer a personal touch, or just plainly to get out of the house.

If Their experience is on a high note, with a personal greeting, with a possible delivery of the special house drink for a start. It might just make the difference. Treat each guest as a VIP, and end their evening with a surprise…, maybe a free dessert, an invitation to your next wine tasting, cheese tasting, or to enter your annual apple pie contest maybe to be lead to your special video on your website showing how to cook your famous Lasagna. Since the guests will have to register to get access to your video recipes, you will get their data, which are invaluable to keep your Brand in front of them by delivering a monthly or bi-weekly e-Zine to your entire base. Do everything possible to make sure that every single guest honoring your establishment is treated like a king or a queen.

Good luck.

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