How to be a Great Bartender

First job: Start as a Back Bar; practice will do you good. Knowing how to make drinks, isn’t necessary, anybody can learn how to make drinks, you can learn on the job.


I have a better idea, let’s add some vodka to your apple. I even have a name for it, let’s call it: Appletini.

To shine you need the following skills:

Charm, empathy, exceptional memory, gaining the trust of others, good listening skills, hospitality, making people laugh, reading people, self-defense, quick humor, great taste buds, Not 100% necessary: Complete knowledge of every sport will help in many bars. A bartender is a friend, becomes a family member a confident.

You can’t learn those skills and talents. Without those basics tools if it’s not in your personality, choose a different career.

In all of my 40 plus years as a restaurant owner, the best bartender I ever hired didn’t know how to make drinks on his first day on the job. His personality was so amazing, he was filling my 25 bar-stools 3 deep all week long.

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