Chipolte Envy

An aberration to common business sense, Chipolte Envy doesn’t work for every body, it certainly doesn’t for a pizza joint. Several outfits have tried it with more or less success; less being prominent.

At a wanna be Chipolte, Midici in Sherman Oaks, people are lined up to the street waiting to place their orders, instead of being seated and enjoy a glass of wine. The manager thinks of getting a full liquor license to boost the business, to the contrary of common thinking––There are too many sport-bars in Sherman Oaks already. People do not go to a pizza joint to drink, the only help they should pursue is to convert to a classic pizza joint.

They have achieved a great improvement of late––It took them 2 and a 1/2 year to learn how to cook a pizza from soggy to acceptable, and not to burn the edges. Congrats!

I have a tip, don’t place the basil leaves on top of the pizza before placing the pizza in the oven, place it after the pizza is cooked this way you woud not get burnt basil leaves, Dah!

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