No String Attached?

The Woman in Red

I am seating at the local Starbucks near home, enjoying the a/c; it’s 107 outside. While sipping on a small iced coffee, I am reading an article on the customers trends who look for healthier fare in restaurants. The article is three pages long, detailing reports from well informed sources. Yes people are concerned about their health, cholesterol, carbo hydrates, calories counts and all and all the good stuff that will make people healthier and less prone to heart attacks.

Meanwhile from where I seat, I can see the baristas pouring tons of sugary syrups (full of corn starch, enough to kill a horse) on top of the too common artificial whipped cream (sure to give you that heart attack if you insist.) So much for healthy trends, good luck on your next heart attack, while mastodon customers are heading to the pick up area.

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