Marketing Rules for any Independent Restaurateurs

I'd love to learn how to fly.


1 Never invest in a program you do not agree 100%

2 Understand fully rule # 1

3 Throwing any shit against the wall and expecting it to stick is dumb

4 Understand your Marketing Plan thoroughly

5 Establish a sustainable campaign with check points on your progress

6 Correct any flaw and adjust the campaign to its best possible outcome

7 Use all gathered data of previous campaign to optimize your second campaign

8 Keep on Marketing Your Restaurant. The day you *STOP you sign your death certificate.

* In 1987 the then CEO of McDonald decided to cut their advertising budget by 250 million. The following year McDonald profit dropped by 4%. Since McDonald work on 3% profit, what do you think happened? The CEO raise the following year’s marketing budget to its original $500 Millions and did add another $150 million.

  • If McDonald has to keep on advertising their name to keep on generating income. What do you think you have to do in your neck of the woods to survive the on slaught of the chains?

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