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Gorilla Marketing is the epitome of the creative mind over the power of the mighty dollar. In this article, we will emphasize out of the box ways to create a Brand, and a *Culture to boost your restaurant on top of your zone of influence.

Here are the steps:

1 Recognize who are those people living in your zone of influence: A 3 miles radius (this is the only zone of influence, you have. People don’t travel more than 3 miles to go out for dinner) from your location.

2 Focus on the makeup of your potential guests (baby boomers, millenniums. According to people’s income?) Remember nobody can please everybody, this is why you have to make a survey to find out who will appreciate your establishment.

3 Establish a sustainable Marketing Plan for your budget.

You do not need a large budget to market your restaurant, you just need to be consistent. You might start as low as $500 a month. Most independents only have few ways to design a Marketing Plan. Direct Marketing, flyers, direct phone calls, collecting guests data, and keeping in touch through emails. Social media is good to a point since you reach the world and the world is not going to come to you. Your website is very important, but it cannot be a dead site like 99.99% of restaurants websites.

4 Who will be in charge to train your staff and run your campaigns?

You, the chef, the dishwasher or a far way cousin? New articles on the subject soon,  as well as Direct Marketing and how to make your website a lively one.

5 Compile your efforts for your 1st. Campaign with a definitive Goal and a set period of time you also need a way to compile your efforts.

You goals have to be sustainable, e.g.: We need to gather 1000 data from our guests in the next 2 months. (and example will follow this article.)

6 Adjust the results from week to week and fine tune your campaign.

7 The results of your 1st Campaign will guide for your 2nd Campaign

8 Never stop, Marketing Your Restaurant, the time you stop is the time you go out of business.

* Check our last post on culture

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