Marketing Rules for any Independent Restaurateurs

I'd love to learn how to fly.


1 Never invest in a program you do not agree 100%

2 Understand fully rule # 1

3 Throwing any shit against the wall and expecting it to stick is dumb

4 Understand your Marketing Plan thoroughly

5 Establish a sustainable campaign with check points on your progress

6 Correct any flaw and adjust the campaign to its best possible outcome

7 Use all gathered data of previous campaign to optimize your second campaign

8 Keep on Marketing Your Restaurant. The day you *STOP you sign your death certificate. Continue reading

Gorilla Marketing

The only place to eat

Gorilla Marketing is the epitome of the creative mind over the power of the mighty dollar. In this article, we will emphasize out of the box ways to create a Brand, and a *Culture to boost your restaurant on top of your zone of influence.

Here are the steps:

1 Recognize who are those people living in your zone of influence: A 3 miles radius (this is the only zone of influence, you have. People don’t travel more than 3 miles to go out for dinner) from your location.

2 Focus on the makeup of your potential guests (baby boomers, millenniums. According to people’s income?) Remember nobody can please everybody, this is why you have to make a survey to find out who will appreciate your establishment.

3 Establish a sustainable Marketing Plan for your budget.

You do not need a large budget to market your restaurant, you just need to be consistent. You might start as low as $500 a month. Most independents only have few ways to design a Marketing Plan. Direct Marketing, flyers, direct phone calls, collecting guests data, and keeping in touch through emails. Social media is good to a point since you reach the world and the world is not going to come to you. Your website is very important, but it cannot be a dead site like 99.99% of restaurants websites. Continue reading