Food to go is bigger and bigger


Cooking up a surprise

Cooking up a surprise


The forecast among professionals is a 15 to 18% of restaurant sales within 2018 will be to go.

Unfortunately restaurants do not keep a close look at how orders are processed and annoying mistakes are rampant. In order to make this niche of your restaurant a profitable source of income you have to tie up the process of FOOD TO GO to your CULTURE.

We started to talk about Culture in a previous posting. There will be more on Culture coming soon.

Your policies and procedures start from the girl taking the order, this is the first opportunity to make a mistake. Best, have a written procedure posted in front of who ever will take the orders. The POS system needs to reflect exactly the modifications and descriptives as when taking dining room orders (this will avoid confusion for the cooks to prepare the orders as per customer’s specification.)

XTRA Mushroom, ADD Xtra blue dress, No onions etc….

The hostess has to repeat the order to the guests to confirm all changes and make sure all extras or modifiers have been added correctly.

It’s of the utmost importance to take the packaging as a major task. Not a Quick Jack I see Ya, Oops, gone. You need to have a checklist which will be in front of the packer. Do not forget the forks, knives, spoons, paper towels, S & P sauces, Chili or what have you by the guest requests.

Do not serve old fries or a pastry from yesterday or old pieces of stale bread.

Your Culture is a reflection of who you are the owner(s). Do not mess it up it could cost you big time.

Go for it and shine.

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  1. The packaging is where the order will be tucked away for delivery. The box or the bag, plastic forks, napkins will be the promoters for your restaurant. The better the food is stored in proper containers will reflect what your Culture stands for. Remember from previous posts, successful restaurants strive not because of the quality of their food, great service, fantastic decor, but because of a strong Culture.

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