Start to Promote Valentine’s Night NOW! 

Tuesday the 14th is Valentine, turn a slow night in one of the busiest of the year.

What to do?

  • Promotion. Hopefully you have build up your database use it. Send your newsletter advertising this great event
  • Get rid of most of your 4 tops.Replace with 2 tops [that’s when it was wise to set up your table tops to be polyvalent]

  • Get  your staff on the ready. Rehearse your process in the mantle of your CULTURE. Simplify your menu to ease the kitchen Promote your special deal [Prix fixe] for two [include, a glass of Provençal Rose; soup, salad choice of the entree with vegetables and a potato add a nice slice of your famous chocolate cake for (two) for desert.  Give them a deal they can’t resist. The simplification of the menu will improv the service and allow quicker turn-over.
  • Amaze your guests.Place a Happy Valentine card on each table. Offer  glass of champagne when they sit. Chocolate mints presented with the check. Your  choice heart shape balloons or a rose on each table. Make sure the staff is ready for the busy night. Everything is ready at the opening of the restaurant. This is a great opportunity to gain new guests and reward existing customers for a continuous loyalty.

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