WOM (The word of Mouth is back, to sting you)

Most restaurants,  still depends on the WOM (Word Of Mouth) expecting the customers to spread the news about their dining experiences to family and friends. In our electronic age things fly faster and might hurt quicker and are more painful than ever.  The WOM is more  powerful than any press review through social media. An unhappy guest can leave a nasty review about your restaurant, wich will stay for years. A damaging review might cost the restaurant thousand of dollars income.

Reviews affect customers dining decisions, especially among the Millennials.

How to Succeed in Marketing Your Restaurant


To Start Let’s Define Marketing

Marketing is a set of tools to promote your BRAND.

Your Brand is the perception created in your customers mind when they refer to your restaurant.

For instance: In our course and all promotional tidbits Joe’s Café is our example.

Joe’s Café is a Mom and Pop operation. Joe is the chef and works the kitchen, with more than 15 years of chef’s experience. Maud his wife worked as a hairdresser for more than 10 years. During her gig as a hairdresser she learned how to cope with customers. Maud developed a keen sense of customer-relationship, a major plus for their own venture in the Hospitality Industry. Continue reading

What is Guerrilla Marketing


I am HOT!

What is Guerilla Marketing?

marketing one’s business in unconventional ways with a low budget.

Guerrilla Marketing is different from traditional marketing. It means going after profits vs. sales and growth with unconventional ways.


Enticing guests to spend more than they usually would in a down economy.

You invest time and your savvy acquired restaurant business, over spending money on regular advertising. The goal is to turn to unusual ways and imagination to reach your potential guests without hacking the farm. Excellent knowledge of your business is a must. Your main yardstick will be profit, over sales. Increasing more transactions per year with each customer, and using the referral power of current customers will be key of your campaigns. The use of simple but very powerful  tools will be the center of your Guerrilla Marketing Program. Continue reading

Crazy Tuesday Night 


 [This is part of Gorilla Marketing]


Tuesday is a notoriously slow day for most restaurants (there is a change since we now have Tuesday football night. A different night might be a choosing in your neck of the woods.) This crazy night night be an opportunity for your establishment to pick up extra business. How could you get people to come to you when they prefer to stay home and watch TV?

You have to be outrageous, it might not be for everyone but if it is down your alley you might clean up and become where to go on Monday night. According to your location you might have to change Monday to another night, although you have Tuesday and Thursday night football nights, if you do something special on those nights for the football fans, you might have to scrap the whole thing.

We assume that Tuesday is a slow night and you want to promote the night as the weirdest of the all.

How will your evening be organized? Continue reading

15 Steps to Open a restaurant

The Easy Steps to Open a Successful Restaurant


  1. The Money [Where is it? You have it? borrowed from family members? friends?? Financed from banks? Loan companies? investors? angels?]
  2. Concept [from a dream to reality]
  3. Is the whole word waiting for your unique idea, which is going to revolutionize the Hospitality Industry?
  4. Location [location, location, location… Is what they say, TRUE?]
  5. Buying an existing restaurant or From Scratch
  6. Remodeling, repairs or one coat of paint?
  7. Lease [The most important document that YOU will ever sign]
  8. Business Plan
  9. Pre-Marketing your baby
  10. Hiring staff––Is that one easy?
  11. Menu engineering
  12. Training
  13. Marketing Plan
  14. Tools to Run an effective restaurant
  15. Alleluia

All those steps will be explained one by one

An easy way to please your guests


After the traditional desserts presentation from the waitress and a brush off from the guests. The best approach it to offer your best dessert with 2 or 3 forks (according to the number of guests in the party.)


  • You will happily surprise the guests
  • You will promote your dessert(s)
  • Customers have very seldom a bad impression of a restaurant where they are treated as super guests.
  • You build up your reputation
  • Your investment is minimal


monsanto copy

What is The Restaurant Red Book?

It is a complete Manual, which will lead the readers from A to Z how to open, and run an effective restaurant

Who needs it?

Anyone interested to start a restaurant venture without the basic snafus, which all the newbie do. Its also valuable for any operator who is interested to improve their bottom line.

How does it work?

We will publish on Best Eatz several chapters for you to evaluate.

How much is it?

The course is 100% free for anyone interested to better their business

When will it be available?

Since the brother needs to decipher more than 45 years of restaurant experience it might takes a while for completion. Meanwhile we will publish tips and useful information to allow the reader to use them without having to wait for the complete publication of the RESTAURANT RED BOOK. Continue reading