Business Culture

The restaurant business has changed dramatically in the last 5 years.Labor shortages, minimum wage pressures, customers’ expectations on the rise, intense competition from the chains, and new technologies are some of the changes, which make the hospitality Industry more challenging.

The reason for remarkable success of  independents is Not Food, Not Service, Not Concept, Not Cuisine, Not Quality, Not Location.  The answer is with their strong and unique CULTURE!

What is a Business Culture?

Does it has to do with growing your own vegetables? It might be a good analogy after all. You as the captain of the ship (your restaurant,) is responsible to set the pace for a CULTURE

The Culture or (the French word Etiquette) is a code and a pattern of behaviors within your organization. it will encompass organization’s values. It means to consist of implicit social contracts that govern the life of the participants with one goal: “The well being of the restaurant.”

Unlocking serendipity by a set of values and agreement within the group. With values on, innovations, ethics, visions, working style, beliefs, habits and service delivered to the customers.

Culture is a key component in business and has an impact on the direction of your business. Culture influences management, decisions and all business functions from accounting to production. You may now be thinking predominantly about intellectual culture but this is only one aspect, business culture has its own unique dimension which includes starting off on the right foot, through meetings, negotiations, formalities, social media use, internships and work placements and every elements included to move your business forward.

A well-defined culture enables the staff to make decisions easily and quickly it helps participants to understand the right thing to do. It clarifies what’s the “brand” and what’s not. Decisions, big or small, can be made with confidence and commitment.

Company culture is the right focus for restaurateurs. It’s the most effective way to offset the costs of doing business. It’s the most powerful way to build a brand.

The 10 Points to a Culture

  1. What’s the guests main concern about your restaurant
  2. Involve the staff, let them express their point of view
  3. Create great moral for your team, through participation to every details of your organization.
  4. Seek what’s right, don’t take any short cuts get all the facts before your final decision
  5. Strive for perfection in every one of your endeavors
  6. Being a team player is essential to build confidence for all players
  7. Look for your USP and promote it to no end
  8. Innovate and think outside the box
  9. Do it right the first time, you won’t have try to fix it
  10. 10. Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy a Great American Experience at Joe’s Cafe

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