Most Independent Restaurateurs Make those 8 deadly Mistakes 


The chef is an artist at heart.

1. Sharing your thoughts with friends, family members, customers and staff will prove to be much more fruitful  than trying to think alone. Ideas comes from rubbing brains against each other. Having someone to bounce ideas off and get an objective opinion is critical.

2. Why a Marketing Plan?
A marketing plan will help you to navigate through the constant decisions you will have to make on the route to success. There may many ways to market your business at very low cost. A good marketing plan implemented effectively, efficiently, and consistently, will always bring positive results. Soon to come on our site our Gorilla marketing Plan. Shots in the dark, such as adds in throw-away papers, are exactly what is sounds like throw-away $.

Take example from success, McDonald has ten of thousand of stores all over the world. This is a brand recognized my billions, why do they still advertise? The answer is: Whenever they tried to slow down on their advertising programs, their income dropped considerably. If McDonald needs to advertise to keep their sales up, what do you think you need to do, for your restaurant?

3. Not Knowing Your Customers.
Changes in your customers’ preferences and your competitors’ offerings and services [such as home delivery or food to go] can leave you in the dust unless you get to know your customers well, what they want now and what they are likely to want in the future, what are their buying patterns, and how you can be a resource for them even if you don’t have exactly the right services for them now!

4. Ignoring Your Cash Position.
Customers don’t respond in the ideal timeframe that you expect. You might have to wait for them to follow you. Be prepared to sustain a temporary drop in business

5. Ignoring Employees.
Motivating, coaching and managing your staff is probably one of your toughest challenges as a restaurateur. Without people skills and good training, your problems can multiply quickly. Morale, productivity income can easily be hurt.

6. Confusing Likelihood With Reality.
The successful entrepreneur lives in a world of likelihood but spends her money in a world of reality.

7. No Business Plan.
Without a Business Plan you are driving on a Freeway without control of your speed––crash inevitable. You can’t seriously gage your progress. You need to be realistic of where and how your income will add up, what you expenses are, and will be: food, liquors, wines & beers and your payroll. Your business Plan is like a road map it will help you to understand and monitor your every steps.

8. Do not throw the sponge
New wisdom is acquired from failure. If you fail it is not the end of the world. Try again with the newly acquired wisdom.

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