“Here we go again, something to think about.” Martha drops herself on the sofa and look at her husband, “what is the story about USP?”

“It’s all very simple, it means Unique Selling Proposition.” Joe winks in Martha’s direction, “Do you get it?”

“I don’t understand, unique in what sense?”

“Well, actually it is a marketing gibberish. It simply means what makes our restaurant different than anyone else.”

“Different,” Martha wide eye, continues “What do you mean, how are we different?”

“This is what we are going to need evaluate. In what respect are we different?”

“For one, I am ME, different than any one else.”

“Yes, my darling you are different, and it might be our USP. Let’s look at all different possibilities.”

“What is our décor?”

“Our décor could be our…, What do you call…, U…,P.”

USP, all you have to remember. U stands for unique, S for selling and P for proposition.”

“What do you mean propose, you ain’t gonna propose we are already married.”

“Cute, it means a product, service, or even location offered to your customers.”

“Ah…, I get it. Like our store is the most visible in our shopping mall, we stand out, we are right on the most visible corner in relation to the traffic, and, and on the corner with a traffic light.”

“That’s a plus, now let see if we can come up with more?”

“You are a great chef, I love everything that you cook.”

“Thanks, it’s nice when your wife is your best supporter. You have to ralize that we are not the customers, we have to please many, and people that we have never met or even talk to.”

I can’t sleep at night, until I find my USP

“So, what you are saying?––”

“We need more than that for our USP.”

“More than you?”

“We need to identify a specific product, service or feature not available any where else.”

“All, this look ver complicated. I don’t even visualize why it is so important to have a, as you say: USP.

“In our quest to open our dream restaurant we need to identify our little baby with something unique.”

“Like what?”

“Like a product which will identify Joe’s Café through out the neighborhood. Remember we can’t be the Jack of all trades.”

“You mean, we need to promote one of our dish as our figurehead for our ship.”

“AYE, aye…, captain. What will be your pleasure?”

“I think we have to highlight on dish, to be our signature and use it for our USP.”

“One dish, only one dish?”

“Well look at the big guys, what they do. Starbuck are know for what?”

“Starbuck they sell coffee.”

“Yes, precisely, they are not selling soup, sandwiches. They are know for their great selection of coffee.”

“I see, what you mean. In our case we need to identify one specific dish and make it our USP.”

“You got it, for us let’s promote our meatloaf. It is a great dish, with my mom’s recipe.”

“The meatloaf will be our USP?”

“I think it is a possibility. Easy to make, great food cost, prepared ahead of time, served easily. An ideal USP.”

“All our marketing promotions will be around the meatloaf, isn’t it?”

“That’s right, our USP is the identity of our restaurant.”

“Since our restaurant is American specialities, the meatloaf is our flagship. Aye, aye Captain.”

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