Marketing do you need it?

Marketing your restaurant is not an easy chore, but the results will make all the difference between striving tomato ends meet or enjoying your life. Whatever your life might be, a family life single life or just l plainly a business life dedicated to a chief success in your endeavor. First thing first, you need tone organized and structured. In our competitive world there is no place for  dibble cable type of person half way involved and the other half playing golf instead of taking car of business.  After all, there’s a lot at stake when you’re trying to market your business. at the Bicycle Shop Cafe our gang of three has more than 120 years of restaurant experience. This is this conglomerate of experience that we are interested to share with the independent restaurateurs. Independent have an up hill battle against the chains.

In 1980 the chains served 20% of all the meals eaten outside of homes, today it is 90%, leaving a mere 10% for independents to share. In this program, we will share with you a framework to analyze your market, develop effective strategies, and create tactical Marketing Programs feasible without having to hack the farm.

Our program is 100% FREE. Why Free, we figured that most folks out there will love the word F R E E. On the other hand we are retired and are interested to share our success as well as our failure to help you choose the right path for your situation.

We will share how to run the marketing planning process and how to organize a dedicated team to help you create your marketing plan. Marketing is an exciting field, which you have to endorse fully not as an expense but as an investment.

By adapting the concepts described in our program you’ll start to develop the skills to help you promote and brand your business.

Marketing is defined by  The American Marketing Association, as the activity, and processes fro create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings. All of those must have for you customers. We will simplify the concept to Change Beliefs in the Minds of Customers.

Every restaurant has customers, regardless of whether you’re a coffee shop, fast food operation or table cloth restaurant. You have or are in the process to create a business for profit.  In order to survive you must be relevant to those customers. Marketing is to get your customers to believe that your restaurant is important, and delivers a better value than the competition. The marketing function is the most critical of ‘em all.

If you do not Market your Restaurant well, you might be heading for a new career.

Marketing will be how you will wage competitive battles in your zone of influence. If you don’t fight the good fight, you won’t be around long. Restaurants that excel at marketing not only survive, but they grow in value. Marketing is hard work. It’s a world of ambiguity, and constant challenge.

Many things change in our business world. Consumer trends, the millennials, have different needs than previous generations.

A good marketer has to adapt to the changes. Competition changes, new competitors enter the market, and the old competitors try new things to take your customers away. Changes in technology enter in action. Innovations in new products, as well as new ways to connect to customers, especially social media, have a dramatic impact on the marketing function. There re also  external factors, like political climate, economic conditions, as well as the planet warming.

A sudden downturn in the economy, stiffer regulations in the industry, or a surprise election result, might impact consumer behavior. You can’t predict these changes, but you can adapt to them if you ready. A great Marketing Plan, with options for the unexpected. Your marketing strategy should define who are your customers. And how you’ll plan to alter their beliefs for your benefit. Your Marketing Plan will outline the steps to implement your strategies.

You need to be prepared for the unexpected, to adapt and fine tune your marketing programs as to the new situations Your Marketing Program is the compass of your ship, it will guide your to the Treasure Island. All activities in your operation are dependent on the compass. You are the captain, get prepared on your voyage take all the weather reports avoid hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis. Your Marketing Program coordinates all these other activities to focus on: “value for customers.”

You will need a talent team to help you navigate between Charybdis And Scylla.

Don’t worry we will be there with you to guide and show you the few things we have learned in your experiences.

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