A good business plan is essential to your business success.


Too often overlooked by independent restaurateurs a good business plan will make the difference between obstacles, pitfalls, while anticipating and creating opportunities.

A Strategic Plan, which will encompass process, format and asking the right questions.

A comprehensive Business Plan has Ten Sections

  1. Table of Content
  2. Executive Summary
    1. Summarize your complete business plan into two to three pages. It is concise; effective yet covers your entire business plan. It will hit on the most important aspect of your Business Plan.
  3. Company Overview
    1. History
    2. Purpose
    3. Future
  4. Management and Operations
    1. Owner(s)
    2. Management
      1. Restaurant Philosophy
      2. Training programs
      3. Maintenance
      4. Check & Balance
    3. Chef
  5. Restaurant & Menu
    1. What type of Restaurant
    2. Menu Engineering
  6. Marketing Plan [see marketing plan]
  7. Strategic Plan

How to implement the Marketing Plan

  1. Financials
    1. Where is the money? This section is usually very simple. You either have [or can borrow on your own] the money necessary for the purchase of an existing or implementation of a new restaurant. If you don’ t – NO ONE WILL EVER LEND YOU MONEY. Reason: The restaurant business is one of the most subject to failure. If Crock could not get a bank loan to purchase McDonald, you will not either.
    2. Budget
      1. Construction or Purchase Budget
        1. Initial investment
        2. Down payment
        3. Loan Payments
      2. Pre Opening budget
      3. Operation Budget
    3. Complete financial projection for the next five years
  2. Appendix
    1. POS [Point Of Sale]
    2. Tools of the trade
  3. Closing Arguments

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