How to Succeed in Marketing Your Restaurant


To Start Let’s Define Marketing

Marketing is a set of tools to promote your BRAND.

Your Brand is the perception created in your customers mind when they refer to your restaurant.

For instance: In our course and all promotional tidbits Joe’s Café is our example.

Joe’s Café is a Mom and Pop operation. Joe is the chef and works the kitchen, with more than 15 years of chef’s experience. Maud his wife worked as a hairdresser for more than 10 years. During her gig as a hairdresser she learned how to cope with customers. Maud developed a keen sense of customer-relationship, a major plus for their own venture in the Hospitality Industry.

Premises for Joe’s Café

Location: Shopping center

Lease: 5 years + (2 x 5 years –– 3xNet renewable with cost of living increase)

Seating capacity: 120

Number of employees: 12 [5 full time]

Owners operators: Man & Wife (no children to worry about, they are all grown ups.)

Income: Slightly over the *BEP (break even point)

Years in business: 2 ½

Marketing: None. Rely on the famous **WOM (Word of Mouth)

Time available for marketing: None [both are too busy to allocate to anytime beside their daily chores.]

Customers’ Mailing list: Inexistent

Knowledge about residents within their zone of influence: Very little.

Competition survey: None

Available funds for their marketing Program: $500 a month

Is it possible to create a Marketing Program with such minimal funding and no specific time from the owners to allocate to it?

Yes it is and here are the answers to a pressing dilemma from most small restaurant operators.

The major goal will be to Brand Joe’s Café

Their menu is an American Food restaurant with a comfort food menu. It will be: To establish Joe’s Café as a second kitchen away from home for their guests.

What Joe and Maud need to do?

  1. Find out who lives within their ***zone of influence.
  2. What people say about their restaurant?
  3. Who are their competitors?
  4. What they competitors do to Brand Their Business?
  5. How much money do their competition spend on their Marketing Campaigns?

Their budget is only $500 a month, which in terms of marketing is very very little. In order to be able to achieve any results Joe ndMAud will have to recourse to *(4)Gorilla Marketing.

Definitions (used in our Marketing Program):

*BEP (Break Even Point)

**WOM (Word of Mouth)

The word of mouth is what your guests are willing to say about the experiences that they have when visiting your restaurant. Contented customers will tell others to come and visit your restaurant to experience similar enjoyment. The WOM as we will refer to it in our program, used to work in  the old days. In today’s world it has basically no effect to promote anyone’s business. People have too many worries and diversified encounters to promote any one’s business. If you rely on the WOM to be your only source to promote your restaurant. You will be out of business way, way before any impact of the WOM takes effect.

***Zone of Influence (A 3 miles radius from the restaurant)

People travel only 3 miles to go out for dinner. Lunch is a convenience where workers can get a quick bite. Most employees have only 45 minutes for lunch and can’t afford to get into a car drive and stop in a restaurant, wait for the waitress to come and get their order and wait some more to have their food delivered. Time is the essence, your zone of influence is even smaller.

Gorilla Marketing 

(Marketing without a large budget, by using imagination, creativity and savvy use of your small budget.)

First Thing First

Who live within your 3 miles radius?

There are companies specializing in the matter. Those companies will change you 15 to 25 thousand dollars to find out. Ouch… it’s a bit too much for our $500 a month budget.

Joe – What to do?

Best Eatz – Do it your self

Joe – I have no idea how to go about and on top of it all not even the time necessary to take care of anything else than the chores to run my business.

Best Eatz – Let’s find someone to help. Do you have a son, daughter, nice who could help?

Joe – I don’t have any family near by or anyone I can trust to help

Best Eatz – What about your neighbor’s daughter, son?

Joe – Across the street my neighbors are very nice and they have a daughter still in high school. She might be willing to help?

Best Eatz – To entice her to help you might be able to shed a couple of bucks in her pocket. Why don’t you try, usually girls need pocket money for their clothes and makeup. It’s worth a try.

A few days later

Joe – Dawn my neighbors’ daughter will help. I offered to pay her $100 a month for her time, she was absolutely enthralled.

Best-Eatz — Good move this leaves you with $400 for all the other stuff.

Joe – What other stuff?

Best Eatz – Let’ not get excited, right now. Let’s work with Dawn first before we can do anything else.

Joe – Okay you are the boss I’ll let you take care of the driving.

Best Eatz – For a first we have to determine what Dawn is going to do for us. My suggestion, she needs to take care of the web site, which is completely dead. We will also use her to find out who are the people living in our 3 miles radius.

Joe -Okay, I am with you

Best Eatz – Tell her to contact me, i will show her where to go and get the information she will need to complete the task.

Dawn contact Best Eatz

Dawn – Where do I go to find out all the stuff you need?

Best Eatz –  Hello Dawn, here is the list of places where you will find what we need. will give detailed information of the population living in the zip code. Age, income, male/female ratio, ethnicity, profession. Is another one where you can go and trace a geo-selection  of the area of concern. According to needs you can select as many *(5) addresses as needed. Also, is another source of info.

Dawn – Thanks, I will go right away to those locations to get the info.

Best Eatz — Good luck, lemme know if you need help.

Next day Dawn comes back with a mailing list of 2654  names for a $132.61 cost.

Best Eatz – Thanks Dawn we might not need those addresses yet. We will keep this in mind. Good work to find out the number of people living in the ares, which is 29,458 of which 14,216 are males and 15,242 females. Average household income $61,489. Great job.

Dawn You are welcome, what else do you want me to work on?

Best Eatz – Right now the restaurant web site is dead. I’d like you to visit the site and tell us what we need to do to make it more palatable to visitors.

Dawn –  Will do

*(5) In our example Joe’s Café is on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana, Ca. Zip-codes of interest are 91356 and 91426

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