What is Guerrilla Marketing


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What is Guerilla Marketing?

marketing one’s business in unconventional ways with a low budget.

Guerrilla Marketing is different from traditional marketing. It means going after profits vs. sales and growth with unconventional ways.


Enticing guests to spend more than they usually would in a down economy.

You invest time and your savvy acquired restaurant business, over spending money on regular advertising. The goal is to turn to unusual ways and imagination to reach your potential guests without hacking the farm. Excellent knowledge of your business is a must. Your main yardstick will be profit, over sales. Increasing more transactions per year with each customer, and using the referral power of current customers will be key of your campaigns. The use of simple but very powerful  tools will be the center of your Guerrilla Marketing Program.

The telephone is a very effective follow-up weapon. Research indicate serious boost of sales and profits, when used properly. Telephone follow-ups are not the easiest to do but it works. Anyhow, no one ever said that guerrilla marketing has never been promoted as the easiest thing to do. It is not, but what’s the alternative?

E-mail ranks up there with the telephone, even surpassing it. Cost is minimal, it’s fast. On the recipients end it will prove that you are concerned about THEM (your guests.) You will increase ties with your market.

Your website must be a live one not dead as 99.99% of restaurant websites are. Use your what staff, telephone, your emails to direct your guests to your website for great rewards.

Bring your guests to browse your web site to search for your best offerings. Use the site to give a lot of information and advance sales to the lucky browsers. A key to online success is creating a brief and enticing e-mail that directs readers to your website where they will receive enough information to allow them to receive the best rewards for the time they use to browse your site.

Guerrilla Marketing Offer fervent follow-ups, and cooperation instead of competition. Talk about your guests instead of YOU. People need to understand, in browsing your web site what benefits they will receive.

Your Marketing Plan is the seed to a healthy business. You will harvest the profits if your campaign has been laid out right.

The cost of selling to a brand-new customer is five times higher than selling to an existing one.

Your customers are facing tons of junk and unwanted e-mails. Your mailing piece won’t be scrapped with the others and your e-mail won’t be instantly deleted if you do it the right way.

Your customers know you, they have established a trust in your business since they honor your establishment with their presence several times a year. They will buy into your offerings if there is something of value in it for them. People are more inclined to go to the restaurant which offers a deal, especially if they already patronage the place.

Guerrillas Marketing will lead the way to try a new one dish, which is more hazardous, unless some one else is talking about it. People always go to the least difficult way to achieve rewards.

Using Guerrilla Marketing demand dedication, time and cooperation from all your staff. If you never try it, you will never know if it works.

Coming soon, 25 FREE ways to use in your Guerrilla Marketing.

So far we have used three tools:

  1. Telephone (Call on regular basis your guests to remind them of coming Special parties. Specials which they cherish, birthdays or plain asking how is your daughter doing on her first semester in college.)
  2. Emails (set up a news letter, send out twice a month. Get Dawn to do it for you. You only feed her what you want to tell your customers)
  3. Web Site (Have the traffic search your website for a great offer. That offer will appear on occasion in various pages of your web site. Dawn should be in charge of it.)

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