Crazy Tuesday Night 


 [This is part of Gorilla Marketing]


Tuesday is a notoriously slow day for most restaurants (there is a change since we now have Tuesday football night. A different night might be a choosing in your neck of the woods.) This crazy night night be an opportunity for your establishment to pick up extra business. How could you get people to come to you when they prefer to stay home and watch TV?

You have to be outrageous, it might not be for everyone but if it is down your alley you might clean up and become where to go on Monday night. According to your location you might have to change Monday to another night, although you have Tuesday and Thursday night football nights, if you do something special on those nights for the football fans, you might have to scrap the whole thing.

We assume that Tuesday is a slow night and you want to promote the night as the weirdest of the all.

How will your evening be organized?

To happen during the night:

Contest for lunch for 2, 4 or dinner for 2 or 4 to win––How?

  1. At the entrance have a map roughly drawn with zip codes of your neighborhood. The board on an easel, with the same map underneath the 1st one. Ask every entrant to mark the are wher they come form. Lift the top map, if they choice match the one hat you have picked they win a free desert or whatever you want to give away.
  1. Walk around the room with one of those colorful target usually found in the toy section. The fuzzy balls will stick to the target (velcro type of material is used.) Roam the room pick ladies give them 2 tries to throw the balls, if one of the ball hit center they win the prize [you set the prizes, make it interesting. You want winners, those winners become your ambassadors, they will promote your restaurant––small price to pay for really good advertising.]
  1. Place colored dots under the butter plates, each color has a meaning. Example: blue might be a kiss form the host, yellow a free desert, red a free dinner for 2 or 4 (depending on what you want to offer.)
  1. Recipe contest

Guests can enter the contest any time during the night. On a given form they have come up with all  the ingredients of the recipe of the dish they just ate. Whoever meet the list in host’s hand for comparison wins a dinner for 4 and become an honorary chef of the restaurant, with honors and **picture on restaurant web site.

  1. **Guest Picture on restaurant web site becomes a highly regarded honor, reserved to only a few (as it is promoted. In fact management will find many ways to have their guest pictures on the restaurant web site.)
  1. Guests Contest. Guests have to get each others’ e-Mail, they will send each other a code send to them that very evening by restaurant. Only 2 match, those two will share a dinner for 4.
  1. Fish ball contest. One of the lady attending the evening is chosen to pick the weekly dinner  for 4 prize from all the business cards dropped by guests in your fishball well placed in your restaurant.

**Every time the restaurant promote guest(s) picture on the restaurant website. A big fanfare needs to promote the event. Press release (local press,)  chamber of commerce, news letter, fliers to real estate agents, beauty saloons, local businesses [when delivering food.]




Every contest entered by the guests will be delivered on the restaurant web site, where guests will have to register to claim their prizes. This is the best way to build your mailing list.

*What is Gorilla Marketing?

Gorilla marketing, is a different approach to plain and simple marketing. Instead of using, advertising, public relation, press releases, professional writers reviews and Television. Gorilla Marketing uses creativity, imagination, unused corners of the ordinary to become the outcast of the norms to promote ones business.

Is it easy? The heck no it is not, it is hard work. What is the alternative? Failure. Which one do you choose?

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