15 Steps to Open a restaurant

The Easy Steps to Open a Successful Restaurant


  1. The Money [Where is it? You have it? borrowed from family members? friends?? Financed from banks? Loan companies? investors? angels?]
  2. Concept [from a dream to reality]
  3. Is the whole word waiting for your unique idea, which is going to revolutionize the Hospitality Industry?
  4. Location [location, location, location… Is what they say, TRUE?]
  5. Buying an existing restaurant or From Scratch
  6. Remodeling, repairs or one coat of paint?
  7. Lease [The most important document that YOU will ever sign]
  8. Business Plan
  9. Pre-Marketing your baby
  10. Hiring staff––Is that one easy?
  11. Menu engineering
  12. Training
  13. Marketing Plan
  14. Tools to Run an effective restaurant
  15. Alleluia

All those steps will be explained one by one

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