The Restaurant Red Book

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What is The Restaurant Red Book?

It is a complete Manual, which will lead the readers from A to Z how to open, and run an effective restaurant

Who needs it?

Anyone interested to start a restaurant venture without the basic snafus, which all the newbie do. Its also valuable for any operator who is interested to improve their bottom line.

How does it work?

We will publish on Best Eatz several chapters for you to evaluate.

How much is it?

The course is 100% free for anyone interested to better their business

When will it be available?

Since the brother needs to decipher more than 45 years of restaurant experience it might takes a while for completion. Meanwhile we will publish tips and useful information to allow the reader to use them without having to wait for the complete publication of the RESTAURANT RED BOOK.


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Congratulation on you decision to improve or to start your dream restaurant. In getting a hold of this manual you have made a very smart move. Any one can open a restaurant, only a few reach the finish line. According to the National Restaurant Association, ninety two percent of restaurant openings end up in bankruptcy.

The major reasons of failure are, lack of proper funding, lack of experience in the restaurant business and lack of business experience an other common factor, no market for their offering. This manual will show the reader how to avoid the major mistakes and blunders, while providing the proper tools to achieve success.

The Restaurant Red Book is a complete manual, on “How To” run efficiently a restaurant.

Everyone–and anyone–will find the ability to successfully achieve his or her dream. Once you have acquired the secrets and master the ropes of the trade you will be able to sail under heavy weather and bring the ship to port.

Forget about all those manuals, which show how to make millions and how to run a restaurant from your hammock in Hawaii.

The Restaurant Red Book will introduce you to today’s market, with all the caveats and pot holes to avoid, through samples, which work. You will be able to navigate away from Scylla and Charybdis to safety.

I am sure that through out your life you have been able to learn a few things, which might be applied to the restaurant Industry. Let’s start now and find out what you know and what you don’t know.

How to use This Manual?

Although this manual is generic, it is very easy to make it your own by only changing a few things. Replace the sample restaurant name of this manual: Joe’s an American Experience with your own, using Word from Microsoft or the Apache free software at >>> Open Office available or at >>> Libre Office

What is needed to improve your restaurant bottom line by twenty percent or more:

• A quiet time, to read through this all manual at least once before taking any action. This way you will get an overview of what to achieve.

• You might even want to print out a copy of this manual, as it might be easier to grasp the content and make necessary changes to fit your specifics.

• A quiet spot, in the store room of your restaurant or a quiet room away from the kids for an hour at a time.

• A serious commitment to improve your bottom line, or to build your business with solid foundations.


The Five key elements of a restaurant business

1. Understand How to purchase food and liquors

2. Understand how to manage people

3. Give the guest a great experience every time their honor your establishment

4. The bottom line is the only reason why you are in this business

5. Understand that the restaurant business is not about food, it is part of the entertainment business. You are the conductor, your staff id the orchestra and your guests is the audience.

Secret: Understand that the restaurant business is not like any other business. Restaurateurs need a thorough understanding of “All The Steps” needed to be profitable.


In order to make this manual your complete own, evaluate what your own situation to change and adapt to your specifications.

Such as the phone lists of important numbers, employees’ phone list. Your name should appear instead of “Joe’s an American Experience” (the find and replace command in your *word processor will do this automatically.)

Those changes are obvious and should not take too long to update. To make any change in the house polices, mission statement use the same format and put your own if you desire. When changes are done make a print of the complete manual and save in a safe place.

Make a second copy this will be your Working Manual. Use a three holes puncher, you can now insert any new page as needed. If you make any change do not forget to update the original in the safe place. Your archived manual as to be in tune to the working one.

The existing policies in your Restaurant Red Book can be used with a minimum amount of tailoring. When there is legal confrontation it is when every one in the organization get a pat in the back. Your daily journal will save you hundred of hours of research and drafting time, as you enter daily events. Highlight specific paragraphs for future incorporation in your final tailored made ‘House Policy.’

The TOC is designed with you in mind. The numbers in front of the section will help you gather only the wanted sections for your final edition. Including your own policies should reflect the mission statement of your restaurant after considering the judgments call:

  • What is the reason for this specific policy?
  • Am I required to have it because of the Feds, State law, local ordinance or..?
  • Does enforcing this policy accomplish or reinforce my company’s goals?
  • Is the policy consistent with the company’s philosophy?
  • What have we done in the past to solve issues related to this policy?
  • Does this policy strike a proper balance between management flexibility and
  • fairness to employees?
  • Is the cost, the manpower and time justifies the implementation of this policy?
  • Is this a solution to our problem?
  • Is this a procedure that we can easily incorporate in our business?

Remember it is as bad not to enforce existing policies than not to have any?

The job titles in this book can be changed from director to owner, manager or even Maitre D’ as necessary to fit your restaurant. Keep in mind that policies should comply with federal and state laws and regulations.

A basic outlay of your Employees’ Manual should have at least the following chapters:

1. A statement to acknowledge an Equal Opportunity Employer

2. Background check notification (including a police check.)

3. Employee Classifications (be specific as how they will be employed, prep-cook, line-cook, sous-chef, dishwasher, hostess, bartender, back bar, etc..)

4. Workdays, Payday, and Pay Advances if allowed by the restaurant.

5. General wages and salary information

6. Hours of work and attendance

7. Meal periods and Rest Periods.

8. Payroll Deductions [do you retain any amount for meals / check your State Laws.]

9. Vacations, when, how, who is entitled?

10. Holidays? (Do employees get paid over-time? (check State Laws)

11. Sick-Personal leaves

12. Performance evaluation

13. Termination Policy

14. Internet Policy

15. E-mail Policy

16. Reward Programs

17. Employees’ profit participation if available

You can combine some of the topics into a same policy: 4, 5 and 6 could be addressed under one policy.


he Employee Handbook would include a brief statement about:

the Management and your Company

The Employee Handbook remains a statement of the relationship between employee and the employer. Have your handbook reviewed by your attorney. It might be wise to start with a minimum number of policies and add new as needs arise. Whenever you add to your manual, make sure that every employee get a new copy. You can also get rid of obsolete policies. At least 2 times a year you should review the content of your Restaurant Red Book and determine if there is need for updates, changes or deletions. Keeping your Restaurant Red Book current it of the utmost importance for you the staff and the management everybody’s job will be easier. The manager’s job will be improved and every employee likes to feel that the people they are working for understand how to steer the ship in the right direction. Remember undefined policies and inconsistencies consume a great deal of time from management and office and become a hidden cost of the restaurant.


The Mission Statement of your restaurant should be printed as a banner and posted in your office. Look at it everyday to remind you why you are in this business. Is the mission statement consistent with the company’s management or business philosophy?

What have we done in the past to solve issues related to this mission statement?

Does this mission statement strike a proper balance between management flexibility and fairness to employees and serves the guests?

  • Is the cost, the manpower and time justified to the administration of this mission
  • statement?
  • Is this why we are in business?
  • Is this a procedure that we can implement?

Remember it is as bad not to enforce your Mission Statement than not to have any?

Enjoy and good sailing with your new tool to success.

Hang on to your panties,” an Employees Manual is in the work.

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